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Dec 14, 2020

On this Bump in the Road, New Yorker cartoonist and highly acclaimed graphic novelist Marisa Acocella shares some great tales from a fascinating New York life, ranging from the story behind Jackie Kennedy's inaugural shoes to how she found inspiration from the legendary James Thurber. But interwoven with the humor is...

Dec 7, 2020

Ann Ogden Gaffney is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition and cancer. Her book, Cook for Your Life was a result of her experiences with both kidney and triple negative breast cancer. Experiences that radically changed her life.

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Nov 30, 2020

Charles Porter has a story that is filled with love and wisdom. He is a poet, author, actor, trainer, husband, father and so much more. He has lived several lives in his 40 some years, hopefully with many more to come.

Join Charles on Bump in the Road for some thought and inspiration this week.

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Nov 23, 2020

David duChemin is a a world & humanitarian photographer, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur. He travels the world, taking photos. Until, on a trip to Italy, he broke his back. And yet, this terrible bump in the road has led to some remarkable places.


Special thanks to CVS Health for their sponsorship of Bump in the...

Nov 16, 2020

Yvonne deSousa is an author, a blogger and a very funny lady. From multiple sclerosis to her hatred of vegetables, Yvonne is a wealth of wisdom wrapped in humor.

"Six months after my 40th birthday (and only one week before Christmas) I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Hard to believe but I...