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Aug 9, 2023

Where do our beliefs come from? And why should we believe them?

Christina Ramirez came from a very traditional Cuban background. Part of her family’s belief system was that happiness equals marriage equals kids. But as the years went on and Christina failed to find “the man of her dreams” she became convinced that she’d never be happy.

In her thirties, this bright, attractive, capable investment banker who spoke five languages hit a point of utter depression and turned to alcohol and drugs for relief. An attempted suicide landed her in a mental institution.

Cristina came to the decision tath to change her life she needed to change her beliefs. And her life turned  around. She met the man of her dreams and had children. But life was about to serve up another bump in the road.


Coming Soon! The Book. Bump In The Road, Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience, an inspiring anthology of overcoming life's bumps. Because everyone needs a bit of inspiration.


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