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Jun 21, 2023

 In 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor was a brain researcher at Harvard when she had a stroke. The bleed was on the left side of her brain.  With the critical left brain circuitry off line, she no longer possessed the ability to communicate, she had no memories of her past, no executive functionality and she existed in a blissful state where she recognized no boundaries between herself and the universe.

It would take her eight years to regain full brain functionality. She wrote My Stoke of Insight to describe the experience, did a Ted Talk, and then Whole Brain Living to share the remarkable insights she gained on how our brains function.

This podcast is positively life changing. Check out my recent Side Trip (an ultra short podcast under 5 minutes) where I share my experience with Whole Brain Living.

And come listen to a podcast that could radically change how you experience your world.


Coming Soon! The Book. Bump In The Road, Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience, an inspiring anthology of overcoming life's bumps. Because everyone needs a bit of inspiration.


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