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Sep 27, 2023

What could possibly go wrong on a trip to visit your son, a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia? In 1988 parts of Zambia were remote, but a network of trucks and private planes provided access to where you needed to go. Marcia hired a small private plane to transport them across the vast uninhabited land. But over the jungle, the engine quit. The quick thinking pilot was able to land in a dry river bed. But had the engine quit even five minutes later, that option would not have been available. Radio transmissions are line of sight, meaning that a call from a downed plane has a limited reach. The pilot sent out a distress call, hoping that someone, somewhere would hear it. In the meantime, Marcia’s group huddle around a fire, sending smoke signals to signal their whereabouts. What happened? How did they find their way out of the remote jungle? Come listen in. Bump In The Road: 15 Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience is now available on Amazon. Learn more at Follow Bump on: Twitter Facebook Substack Instagram