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Feb 1, 2023

Michaela’s sister, Kaylen, was a star in a family of stars. She was athletically gifted, smart and motivated. She played sports, earned a Master’s and was always on the go. And she was a drug addict.

Kaylen’s introduction to drugs started inadvertently when she broke her ankle skating at age 13. She was treated with oxicodonx, hydrocodone and a morphine drip. Next she’d be diagnosed with ADHD, which necessitated a steady stream of drugs. In time, that opened the door to pot, cocaine, mushrooms and more.

This is a story about drug addiction, but more than that, it's a story about the power of love. Michaela's love for her sister never faded. And that love bound them and ultimately helped Kaylen to find a path to recovery.


#BumpInTheRoad #addiction #Recovery