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Apr 13, 2022

Pragito Dove was born in London. Her early childhood was difficult in a dysfunctional family. It caused her to shut down her heart and left her full of anger, fear and pain. When her son was born, she knew she had to heal and change the intergenerational paradigm she had inherited.

The teachings of Osho, a spiritual leader in India,  included a wide range of expressive meditation techniques that resonated with Pragito. So she picked up with her 14 month old son and headed to India where she studied various expressive techniques such as laugher meditation. 

Today Pragito brings her decades of wisdom and experience to her clients, in private and group sessions and through her books.

For anyone seeking an authentic and aware life, this is a must listen. Check out for more on Pragito's work.

Thanks to CVSHealth for their support.

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