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Jul 28, 2021

At 32 years old, Angela Maxwell had a wonderful life. But something was missing. A story about an inmate that walked the jail yard, and walked the equivalent of an around the world trip, intrigued her.

And so it was she decided to walk around the world.

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Jul 21, 2021

Chris Bordoni is a high achieving individual. Whether it’s sports, prestigious universities or corporate jobs, success has been a defining element of Chris’ path.

But more than a few health oriented bumps in the road, including a stage 4 cancer diagnosis at the age of 30, derailed his high flying corporate...

Jul 14, 2021

David RIchman is an endurance athlete. After losing his sister to brain cancer, David found himself in emotional chaos. His relationships fell apart, and his life changed dramatically. On a quest to sort things out, he set off on a 5,000 mile bike trip across the country, in a quest for his own answers and truths.


Jul 7, 2021

Mental health is a silent epidemic and Jesse Cody is on a mission to do something about it.

Jesse has struggled with his own mental health, battling depression and even considering suicide.

But he decided he wanted to live. And he wanted a life of meaning.

But to find it, he’d needed a change. So it was that this...