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Aug 23, 2023

Alicia Moore writes about change and transition. She herself is starting a new stage of life: “Retirement”. I put that in quotes because Alicia’s idea of the next third of her life is about curiosity and continued growth.


“I think lifelong learning is something we all should quest after because it keeps us young and vibrant, alive and involved.”


For many of us, our learning journey officially kicks off in college. In her book Crushing It In College, Alicia notes that a significant part of the college experience is social and interpersonal. In today’s world of omnipresent technology, some of those skills may need to be better developed.

Join us for a discussion about developing the life skills we all need to communicate and interact in the modern world.


Coming Soon! The Book. Bump In The Road, Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience, an inspiring anthology of overcoming life's bumps. Because everyone needs a bit of inspiration.


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