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Sep 13, 2023


Geoffrey Berwind is a story teller. His skill is well honed over years of running a theatre in the Philadelphia suburbs called Celebration Theatre. That catapulted him into becoming the director of a story series called Historic Philadelphia, Inc. created under Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. It was a joint project with the National Park Service that provided historically based stories for people visiting Philadelphia’s historic sites.

"I didn't know what I was doing," Geoffrey confesses. But he knew he was onto something when Governor Rendell put down his Blackberry, told his aide to hush, and listened intently to Geoffrey’s story.
Geoffrey had everything riding on this moment. He’d closed down his family business. He’d sold his house. He’d funded Celebration Theatre and he desperately needed a break.
And hope was about to appear as Governor Rendell looked up from his Blackberry, told his aide to be silent, and he simply sat, mesmerized by Geoffrey’s story,  That moment changed the trajectory of Geoffrey’s life. He found his footing and mustered the energy to move forward with a little help from his best friend who told him: "I beleive in you. You're so talented. You can do anything you want."

That moment of compassion was the turning point for Geoffrey. He poured his energy into the historic series, not knowing what the future might hold. But the future had an incredible ride planned out for this business man turned story teller. Come listen in.


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