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Nov 9, 2022

When M.C. Sungaila started The Portia Project, her goals were limited. She’d intended to interview female appellate judges, with the intent of encouraging young women to apply to the bench.

What started as a well defined project rapidly grew. The history of women in law demanded more stories be told. Word of mouth quickly spread. M.C. notes:

"I'm just shepherding a larger mission along. I'm a conduit for it."

M.C. is now interviewing a wide range of women in law.

The possibilities for the next generation of women and law are limitless. And these oral histories are proof that it can be done.

This is a story about determination, grit, brains, and possibility. It’s a story of our past and our future. Come join the conversation.

The full story is on the website under "Stories." 


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