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Jun 14, 2023

Tina Kramer is a teacher by trade and by passion. She focuses on teaching perceptual learners.

"Part of the gift of being a perceptual learner is going off into your own imagination," Tina explains. 

Perceptual learners tend to see in pictures, as opposed to language. Their minds are fast but this may not translate into success with traditional school work. Tina set out to understand this phenomenon which sometimes leans towards a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

Tina is familiar with autism. Her husband was diagnosed as being on the highly functional autistic spectrum. Years of missed communications suddenly made sense. And they provided the bump in the road that sent Tina on a quest to better understand the autistic spectrum and how to help both families dealing with these challenges. 

Tina developed a sound device with a specific frequency and tone that helps perpetual people become more present. It's rather like a meditation mantra that focuses your mind, allowing your brain to be free of the noise that so often dominates our thoughts. In the resulting mental peace, many of Tina's clients no longer require pharmaceutical interventions.

Have you ever wondered about autism? Have you ever wondered what meditation might do for you? This is a must listen.


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