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Sep 6, 2023

"My story really begins as a little girl, when my father placed a putter in my hand, and that began my lifelong love and passion for the game of golf...I laugh and say I wasn't born with an umbilical cord. I was born with a five iron attached!"

And that five iron took Veronica to the US Open and beyond. But most of all it started a life long pursuit of how awareness translates into our lives.

From being one of the top 150 women in golf, to a disability that left her bedridden and destroyed her dreams, Veronica’s story is one for everyone who aspires to overcome their circumstance.

"I think one of the first lessons I learned is if you let the illness define you, if you let it become part of your identity, you're doomed. You have to sepoarate your identity from your struggle."

“And the second lesson that I learned was that the victory comes on the other side of the fight. And people give up fighting.” 

Veronica’s passion overrode her disability as step by step, slowly, she came back with a wisdom that had previously eluded her. Her book, The Champion's Way, is chock full of wisdom, as is this podcast.


Coming Soon! The Book. Bump In The Road, Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience, an inspiring anthology of overcoming life's bumps. Because everyone needs a bit of inspiration.


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