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Oct 26, 2020

Carmen Gentile is the a journalist and the author of Blindsided by the Taliban, a remarkable account of his time in eastern Afghanistan. On this Bump in the Road, he shares his journey through war, injury, and much more.

Special thanks to CVS Health for underwriting this podcast.

Oct 19, 2020

Wendy Wagner Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach providing holistic therapy services in Northern New Mexico. Wendy's reflections on life, personal and spiritual growth have much to teach each of us. She has been on a path of personal and spiritual inquiry for several decade, thanks in part to...

Oct 12, 2020

Luis has one of the most amazing career paths I've ever seen. By following his passion and his heart, he's climbed the 7 Summits, been on Oprah and so much more. How did a young child suffering from asthma so severe that he could have been the original "Bubble Boy" transform into a leader in the outdoor industry? Join...

Oct 5, 2020

Cameron Auxer, M.A. aka @PajamaDaze on Twitter is one of those big hearted people you're just lucky to have in your life. In spite of dealing with chronic illness over many years, she is always giving back. How would you cope with chronic fatigue and illness? Would you find a life lived with purpose?